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100tpd  Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln

100tpd Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln

  • High Light

    Active Lime Production Line


    Rotary Kiln Active Lime Production Line


    Rotary Kiln Quick Lime Plant

  • Fuel
    Heavy Oil/natural Gas
  • Color
    As Per Your Requirements
  • Power
    As Per The Type
  • Voltage
  • Control Method
    Automatically Control
  • Limestone Size
  • Lime Type
    Powder Type
  • Lime Size
  • Lime Activeness
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    USD1000000-USD10000000 Per set
  • Packaging Details
    All the packing is suitable for the ocean transporting and inland transporting,1.The kiln shell is transported in 6 sections. 2.The supports is packed on the cushion.3. the small parts is packed in wooden box and iron frame.4.there is shipping mark on the
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    1 set per 360 days

100tpd Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln

 100tpd Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln


 For the fules you can choose coal,heavy oil, natural gas or any other kinds of woods or fuels have higher heat value, And the vertical kiln shall adopt blind coal which the voltile shall be less than 10%, if the voltile is higher ,it will make the vertical kiln to be bombed. If you do not have the blind coal, like you have the natural gas or heavy oil,I do not suggest that you use vertical kiln, because the investment for vertical kiln adopt natural gas or heavy fuel is normally same price like a rotary kiln system.of course there are also other fuels,like woods ,we have built one in Malaysia who use the woods as the fuel,but the woods shall have higher heavy value.

For the raw materials The limestone from the quarry shall be less than 1 meters and after crushing the qualifed limestone shall be around 20mm-45mm to enter into rotary kiln system, the inlet size of the limestone entering into vertical kiln can be 40mm-80mm.



II Rotary kiln system
201 Cooling fan(90°)4-72No.6C pcs 2
202 Vibrated feeder GZ4 pcs 4
203 Cooling fan9-26No.14D pcs 1
204A Primary air fan S51 pcs 1
204B Primary air fanJTS-250b pcs 1
205 Burner SR2-7Y/T pcs 1
206 ¢4.0m*60mrotary kiln set 1
207 Transfer chute pcs 1
208 Vertical cooler pcs 1
209 12pcs pushing rod preheater pcs 1
210 Material discharge valve pcs 1
211 Motorized butterfly valve DKJW-05C DN800 pcs 1
212 Valves pcs 1


For the quick lime plant,I want to introduce you the application of the quick lime in different industry, if you or your friends who have the limestone, you can try to think about to invest one lime plant.the lime plant can be from 100tpd to 1200tpd.the lime can be used in the following filed:

  •  it can be used for painting, the quick lime mix with a lot of water can use for the painting in the house
  •  The quick lime can be used for peticside and medicine in hospital
  •  It can be also used for drying agent, because it can absorb water
  •  It can be also used in steel plant to remove the purities like sulfur which will not influence the quality of steel.
  •  It can be also used in paper plant to strength the whitness of the paper

The quick lime can be also the raw material to produce the hydrated lime,PPC.we can also provide hydrated lime plant and PPC plant.


For the raw materials. limestone is the only material, no other material shall be mixed. The Cao content of the limestone shall be more than 50%, higher content higher quality.


Quick lime plant qualifed limestone




CaO(%) MgO(%) SiO2(%) P(%) S(%)
≥53 ≤2.5 ≤1.5 ≤0.01 ≤0.06


100tpd  Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln 0


100tpd  Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln 1

100tpd  Active Lime Production Line with rotary kiln 2

Company introduction

Our company is the biggest manufacture base for the rotary kiln we have manufactured the vertical kiln from 1983, and rotary kiln from 1994,till now we have already manufactured for 26 years.Our chairman Mr Wang Jiaan make a lot of investment on arranging technical team to research, cooperate with the famous research institute and college for many years to improve the technology of our rotary kiln. From the wet process to dry process, from size around 2 meters to 6 meters.from cement plant other industry filed. From two piers to four piers.Now our rotary kiln are the leaders for rotary kiln in cement plant with capacity from 300tpd,700tpd,800tpd,1000tpd,1200tpd,1500tpd,2000tpd,2500tpd,3000tpd,3500tpd,4000tpd,5000tpd, 8000tpd ,lime plant capacity from 300tpd to 1200tpd.300tpd,400tpd,600tpd,800tpd,1000tpd,1200tpd.Nickel ore plant from 50000tons 150000tons.our such rotary kiln with advanced technology and high automation level can increase the running rate 3-5%,production has been raised by 5-10%, and heat consumption has been reduced 15% down. Till now we have sold to more than 200 hundred clients in the domestic clients in such filed and more than 100 hundred clients in foreign countries. we also cooperate European countries for the rotary kiln manufacturing.