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25ton Per Hour Q235A Vertical Roller Cement Grinding Mill

25ton Per Hour Q235A Vertical Roller Cement Grinding Mill

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    25ton Cement Grinding Mill


    Q235A Cement Grinding Mill


    25ton Ball Mill In Cement Plant

  • Housing Material
  • Type
    Vertical Type
  • Ground Material
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
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  • Packaging Details
    All the packing is suitable for the ocean transporting and inland transporting,1.The kiln shell is transported in 6 sections. 2.The supports is packed on the cushion.3. the small parts is packed in wooden box and iron frame.4.there will be shipping mark on
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Supply Ability
    1 SET PER 180days

25ton Per Hour Q235A Vertical Roller Cement Grinding Mill

25ton Per Hour Q235A Vertical Roller Cement Grinding Mill


In 2020, affected by the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the time for enterprises to return to work was delayed. However, since the resumption of work on February 10, all work has gradually entered the normal track, and by February 24, all work has been resumed in place, with a return rate of 100%.In 2020, Pengfei group will focus on the goal of sales growth of more than 15% and tax growth of more than 10%, focus on the three key tasks of listed fund-raising investment, production line EPC and overseas investment, implement the strategy of science and technology, internationalization, capitalization and refinement, and promote the high-quality development of Pengfei group to a new level in accordance with the requirements of high-quality redevelopment and legal compliance of Hong Kong listing.


No. Instruction of parameter Unit Technical parameter Remarks
  Vertical Mill set 1  
  Type   VRM5341C  
  Ground material   Clinker  
  Inlet material size mm ≤50  
  Material moisture % ≤7  
  Product finess   ≤60 microns Clinker+gypsum and other mixed material
  Product moisture % ≤0.5  
  Capacity t/h 160 (4200cm2/g)  
200 (3200cm2/g)  
  Inlet air temperature °C <300  
  Gas temperature outlet of mill 90~105  
  Inlet air pressure pa ~-500  
  Outlet air volume m3/h 480000  
  Outlet air pressure Pa -4000~-5500  
  Material feeding system   Feeding from one side and material falling from center  
1 Separator      
  1.1 Rotor of separator      
  Speed adjusting range r/min 60~160  
  Vane material   UP wear resistant plate  
  Blade quantity   196  
  Useful life h >15000  
  Rotor diameter m Ø4.6  
  Total height of rotor mm 2600  
  Steel plate thickness of housing mm 25  
  1.2 Rotor bearing of separator pcs 2  
  Lower bearing type   23134CC/W33  
  Upper bearing type   29434E  
  Manufacture   SKF  
  1.3 Drive unit of separator      
  Speed adjusting way   Frequency conversion  
  Motor type   YVP355M-4 VVVF
  Power kW 250  
  Voltage V 380  
  Speed r/min 1450  
  Manufacture   Siemens of China  
  Insulation grade   IP54  
  Gear box type   B2SV09-9-B  
  Gear ratio   8.8  
  Permitted input power kW 450  
  Manufacture   FLENDER of China  
2 Roller unit      
  2.1 Roller      
  Quantity pcs 4  
  Diameter mm 2400  
  Width of roller mm 850  
  Shape   Tyre shape  
  Roller assembly weight t 28.7  
  Inspect system   Oil cylinder for auxiliary repair  
  2.2 Roller tyre      
  Material   ZG20SiMn+ surface hardfacing  
  Hardness   HRC>58~62  
  Useful life h >2,000  
  2.3 Roller shaft   40CrNi Tempering and quenching
  2.4 Roller bearing      
  Bearing type  






  Useful life h >35,000  
  Allowable max. temperature rise of bearing 80  
  2.5 Sealing air fan      
  Type   9-28ⅠNo4.5A-8  
  Quantity pcs 1  
  2.6 Roller bearing lubrication      
  Lubrication type   Circulating oil  
  Type of lubrication oil station   XRZ-2×16-2×10  
  Qty   2pcs  
  Oil pressure MPa 0.4  
  Flow rate l/min 20  
3 Grinding table      
  3.1 Table body      
  Material   ZG270-500  
  Nominal diameter mm 5300  
  Speed r/min 22.6  
  Height of dam ring mm ~200  
  3.2 Liner of grinding table      
  Material   ZG20SiMn+ surface hardfacing UP
  Hardness   HRC>58~62  
  Useful life h >2,000  
4 Upper housing      
  4.1 Housing   Q235-A  
  4.2 Liner inside the housing   Q235-A CHP 6mm
  Useful life h >20,000  
  4.3 Inspection door      
  Quantity pcs 2  
5 Rocker      
  5.1upper rocker+ lower rocker      
  Quantity group 4  
  Material of rocker   ZG35+Q235  
  Material of rocker shaft   40Cr Tempering and quenching
  5.2 Rocker bearing      
  Quantity pcs 8  
6 Frame part      
  Frame pcs 4  
  Connecting bridge pcs 4  
  Base of support pcs 1  
  Base of gear box pcs 1  
7 Main drive      
  7.1 Main motor      
  Type   YRKK900-6  
  Rated power kW 4200  
  Output speed r/min 990  
  Manufacture   TECO  
  Insulation grade   IP54  
  href="javascript:void(0);" Rated voltage kV 10  
  Rated frequency Hz 50  
  Power factor (cosj)   0.866  
  Cooling mode   IC611  
  Type of lubrication oil station   XRZ-25  
  Oil pressure MPa 0.4  
  Flow rate L/Min 25  
  High speed coupling      
  Type   No  
  Connecting method   Diaphragm flexible connecting  
  Qty   1  
  7.2 Main gear box      
  Type   MLX450  
  Rated power kW 4500  
  Gear ratio   43.7  
  Measuring temperature point for Input shaft pcs 2  
  Vibrator(yes/No)   yes  
  Output speed rpm 22.6  
  Transmission power kW 4500  
  Thrust bearing   Plane shaft bush  
  Lubrication oil station      
  Type   XGD-C250/1250  
  High pressure pump      
  Qty   4  
  Oil pressure bar 315  
  Flow rate L/Min 250  
  Motor kW 4×22  
  Low pressure pump      
  Oil pressure bar 4~6  
  Flow rate L/min 1250  
  Motor kW 2×22  
  Volume of oil tank m3 10  
  Heater number 6  
  Rated power kW 8×6  
  Temperature detector      
  Type   PT 100  
  Temperature monitor   PLC Liquid touch screen  
  Type   TP277-6  
  Manufacture   Nanjing high speed gear manufacturing Co., ltd.  
8 Hydraulic system      
  Type   HY53-1000AI-W  
  Pressure (Normal/Max) MPa 8~12/16  
  Flow rate ((Normal/Max) l/min 63/63  
  Power (Normal/Max) kW /18.5  
  Rated power kW 18.5  
  Volume of oil tank L 1000  
  Main hydraulic element   Italy ATOS  
  Control method   Long distance  
9 Hydraulic system of roller      
  8.1 Hydraulic cylinder of roller pcs 4  
  8.2 Hydraulic station of roller pcs 1  
  8.3 Roller swing cylinder pcs 1  
  Type   Movable  
10 Water injection of mill      
  Nozzle pcs 4  
11 Rotary air lock feeder      
  Type   ф1400x1500  
  Quantity pcs 1  
  Speed rpm 6  
  Motor power kW 11  
12 Electrical control system      
  Low pressure control cabinet Pcs 2  


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