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220ton Per Hour Q235A Slage Powder Industrial Grinding Mill

220ton Per Hour Q235A Slage Powder Industrial Grinding Mill

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    220ton Industrial Grinding Mill


    Q235A Industrial Grinding Mill


    Q235A Ball Mill In Cement Plant

  • Housing Material
  • Type
    Vertical Type
  • Ground Material
  • Warranty Period
    One Year
  • After Sales Service
  • Condition
  • Motor
    AC Motor
  • Color
  • Voltage
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    All the packing is suitable for the ocean transporting and inland transporting,1.The kiln shell is transported in 6 sections. 2.The supports is packed on the cushion.3. the small parts is packed in wooden box and iron frame.4.there will be shipping mark on
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Supply Ability
    1 SET PER 180days

220ton Per Hour Q235A Slage Powder Industrial Grinding Mill

220ton Per Hour Q235A Slage Powder Industrial Grinding Mill


.The company has the mechanical processing capacity of 300,000t/y; its rotary diameter and gear hobbing diameter are 10m as well as the diameter of the annealing furnace is 6.5m; the maximum hoisting capacity is 400t, own CK52130x50/260(φ13m)vertical lathe,DVT1000x40/200(φ10m)vertical lathe,W11-120X3200(120mm thick 3200mm wide)steel plate rolling machine, C6070x21(φ7m,21m length)shell lathe, C6070x25(φ7m,25m length) shell lathe,C6070x15(φ7m,15m)shell lathe andφ7mx21m annealing furnace and etc. so the company can meet the manufacturing requirements of the rotary kiln and ball mill below φ6m. The large-sized pre-heater, rotary kiln, tube mill, vertical mill, cooler and other main machinery is completely researched, developed and manufactured by Pengfei Group itself. The company has assumed the dual role of supplier for the turn-key services and supplier for main equipments. After obtaining signing right and management qualifications of foreign project-contracting, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd actively develops the international business of project contracting, contracts construction and installation project as well as international bid project of cement, metallurgy, chemical machinery and equipment , at the same time dispatches the needed labors that the above mentioned foreign projects needed. Pengfei Group completed to manufacturing the main machines of Pakistan PLC 3000t/d cement production line for Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute successfully, and then got the business to manufacturing the main machines for Pakistan PLD, PLE and PLF Production Line. The company has taken on the complete project of eight cement production lines like Myanmar Thayet, Dragon, Triple A, King Elephant and Tiger Head Cement Plant, as well as the business to manufacturing the rotary kiln and cement mill for two 2500t/d cement production lines of Vietnam Kaisa Cement Plant. Pengfei Group has contracted the complete set of 1500t/d cement production line with Africa Rwanda company, and the project includes the process from the limestone crushing to the finished cement products, the electrical automation design, the equipments for the whole factory as well as the services of installation & debugging, personnel training, etc. At the same time the company implements the turn-key basis project of 2500t/d cement production line for Russia Volga Cement Plant.

Our board chairman and general manager, Mr. Wang Jia’an, warmly welcome all the overseas experts, colleagues and friends to come to our company, and survey and discuss about cooperation business and make great future together


3.The specification of roller mill


No. Instruction of parameter Unit Technical parameter Remarks
  Vertical Mill set 1  
  Type   VRM5341C  
  Ground material   Clinker  
  Inlet material size mm ≤50  
  Material moisture % ≤7  
  Product finess   ≤60 microns Clinker+gypsum and other mixed material
  Product moisture % ≤0.5  
  Capacity t/h 160 (4200cm2/g)  
200 (3200cm2/g)  
  Inlet air temperature °C <300  
  Gas temperature outlet of mill 90~105  
  Inlet air pressure pa ~-500  
  Outlet air volume m3/h 480000  
  Outlet air pressure Pa -4000~-5500  
  Material feeding system   Feeding from one side and material falling from center  
1 Separator      
  1.1 Rotor of separator      
  Speed adjusting range r/min 60~160  
  Vane material   UP wear resistant plate  
  Blade quantity   196  
  Useful life h >15000  
  Rotor diameter m Ø4.6  
  Total height of rotor mm 2600  
  Steel plate thickness of housing mm 25  
  1.2 Rotor bearing of separator pcs 2  
  Lower bearing type   23134CC/W33  
  Upper bearing type   29434E  
  Manufacture   SKF  
  1.3 Drive unit of separator      
  Speed adjusting way   Frequency conversion  
  Motor type   YVP355M-4 VVVF
  Power kW 250  
  Voltage V 380  
  Speed r/min 1450  
  Manufacture   Siemens of China  
  Insulation grade   IP54  
  Gear box type   B2SV09-9-B  
  Gear ratio   8.8  
  Permitted input power kW 450  
  Manufacture   FLENDER of China  
2 Roller unit      
  2.1 Roller      
  Quantity pcs 4  
  Diameter mm 2400  
  Width of roller mm 850  
  Shape   Tyre shape  
  Roller assembly weight t 28.7  
  Inspect system   Oil cylinder for auxiliary repair  
  2.2 Roller tyre      
  Material   ZG20SiMn+ surface hardfacing  
  Hardness   HRC>58~62  
  Useful life h >2,000  
  2.3 Roller shaft   40CrNi Tempering and quenching
  2.4 Roller bearing      
  Bearing type  






  Useful life h >35,000  
  Allowable max. temperature rise of bearing 80  
  2.5 Sealing air fan      
  Type   9-28ⅠNo4.5A-8  
  Quantity pcs 1  
  2.6 Roller bearing lubrication      
  Lubrication type   Circulating oil  
  Type of lubrication oil station   XRZ-2×16-2×10  
  Qty   2pcs  
  Oil pressure MPa 0.4  
  Flow rate l/min 20  
3 Grinding table      
  3.1 Table body      
  Material   ZG270-500  
  Nominal diameter mm 5300  
  Speed r/min 22.6  
  Height of dam ring mm ~200  
  3.2 Liner of grinding table      
  Material   ZG20SiMn+ surface hardfacing UP
  Hardness   HRC>58~62  
  Useful life h >2,000  
4 Upper housing      
  4.1 Housing   Q235-A  
  4.2 Liner inside the housing   Q235-A CHP 6mm
  Useful life h >20,000  
  4.3 Inspection door      
  Quantity pcs 2  
5 Rocker      
  5.1upper rocker+ lower rocker      
  Quantity group 4  
  Material of rocker   ZG35+Q235  
  Material of rocker shaft   40Cr Tempering and quenching
  5.2 Rocker bearing      
  Quantity pcs 8  
6 Frame part      
  Frame pcs 4  
  Connecting bridge pcs 4  
  Base of support pcs 1  
  Base of gear box pcs 1  
7 Main drive      
  7.1 Main motor      
  Type   YRKK900-6  
  Rated power kW 4200  
  Output speed r/min 990  
  Manufacture   TECO  
  Insulation grade   IP54  
  href="javascript:void(0);" Rated voltage kV 10  
  Rated frequency Hz 50  
  Power factor (cosj)   0.866  
  Cooling mode   IC611  
  Type of lubrication oil station   XRZ-25  
  Oil pressure MPa 0.4  
  Flow rate L/Min 25  
  High speed coupling      
  Type   No  
  Connecting method   Diaphragm flexible connecting  
  Qty   1  
  7.2 Main gear box      
  Type   MLX450  
  Rated power kW 4500  
  Gear ratio   43.7  
  Measuring temperature point for Input shaft pcs 2  
  Vibrator(yes/No)   yes  
  Output speed rpm 22.6  
  Transmission power kW 4500  
  Thrust bearing   Plane shaft bush  
  Lubrication oil station      
  Type   XGD-C250/1250  
  High pressure pump      
  Qty   4  
  Oil pressure bar 315  
  Flow rate L/Min 250  
  Motor kW 4×22  
  Low pressure pump      
  Oil pressure bar 4~6  
  Flow rate L/min 1250  
  Motor kW 2×22  
  Volume of oil tank m3 10  
  Heater number 6  
  Rated power kW 8×6  
  Temperature detector      
  Type   PT 100  
  Temperature monitor   PLC Liquid touch screen  
  Type   TP277-6  
  Manufacture   Nanjing high speed gear manufacturing Co., ltd.  
8 Hydraulic system      
  Type   HY53-1000AI-W  
  Pressure (Normal/Max) MPa 8~12/16  
  Flow rate ((Normal/Max) l/min 63/63  
  Power (Normal/Max) kW /18.5  
  Rated power kW 18.5  
  Volume of oil tank L 1000  
  Main hydraulic element   Italy ATOS  
  Control method   Long distance  
9 Hydraulic system of roller      
  8.1 Hydraulic cylinder of roller pcs 4  
  8.2 Hydraulic station of roller pcs 1  
  8.3 Roller swing cylinder pcs 1  
  Type   Movable  
10 Water injection of mill      
  Nozzle pcs 4  
11 Rotary air lock feeder      
  Type   ф1400x1500  
  Quantity pcs 1  
  Speed rpm 6  
  Motor power kW 11  
12 Electrical control system      
  Low pressure control cabinet Pcs 2  
  Control content   High pressure oil pumps 4 sets for lubrication, Low pressure oil pumps 2 sets, roller oil pump 8 sets; hydraulic oil pumps 2 sets; oil pumps for motor lubrication oil station. 6 groups electrical heater;air lock valve 2 sets; 1 pcs frequency control cabinet of seperator  
  Housing type   GGD  
  Main electrical brand   Schneider  
  PLC Control cabinet Pcs 1  
  Type   Simens S7-300  


Brief Introduction of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd.

Location advantage: Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong City which is in the north of Yangtze River delta economic metropolitan area. It connects Yellow Sea in the east and looks south to the Yangtze River. The company is the national famous building material machinery manufacturing and transporting base. The goods will be shipped to focus all over the world by the million tons of seagoing vessel will through the international Nantong Port and Shanghai Port. Ningqi Railway and Xinchang Railway connect here, and at the same time the coastal Highway and Haili Highway also link here. Because of its special harbor location advantages and manufacturing capacity, Pengfei Group has become the largest cement equipment manufacturing and exporting base in our national coastal areas.

Scope of business: The company has the great comprehensive ability to provide best quality services on turn-key basis with technology design, complete plant, erection and debugging, commissioning for the 10000t /d rotary kiln cement production enterprise. It can also undertake various projects abroad international bidding projects. It supplies complete equipments and technical services of grinding, calcination, crushing, dust collecting, conveying and lifting for the metallurgy, the chemical industry, the electrical power, the mine, the environmental protection enterprises, etc.

Market position:The total amount in the cement machinery industry is second rank among the same business, and first in Jiangsu Province. The products have been exported to Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turnkey, Myanmar, Vietnam, Columbia, Bolivia, South America, etc.

Company instruction: Jiangsu Pengfei Group mainly engages in the design, manufacturing, selling of complete set of equipment for the building material machinery, the environmental protection machinery, the metallurgical machinery and the chemical machinery industry, supplying the complete set of machinery and electrical equipment, installation and debugging, as well as contracting the turn-key basis project and the relevant technical service.The company has won the titles of Chinese leading enterprise in cement machinery industry, Jiangsu Credible and Trustworthy Enterprise and Jiangsu AAA grade credit enterprise. Its leading products have got Chinese famous brand products titles and Pengfei trademark also has been awarded China Famous Trademark. The company covers an area of 350,000m2 and it has 0.82 billion RMB of total assets. There are 450 engineers and technicians. The company has the six subsidiary companies such as the mechanical plant, electronic plant, casting plant, installation plant, the new type building materials plant, etc


1.General Condition,,,

Model HRM&Model PRM roller mills are new equipment designed by digesting and assimilating advanced technology introduced from other through grinding rollers to roll and press the materials(0-40mm)on the rotating grinding pan with pressure and grind them to be reached up to the relevant has good advantages of high griding efficiency.big drying capacity.product finess is easy to be adjusted.low noise,low power consumption,simple process flow.low abrasiveness,operating cost saving and etc.

under the same process conditions and rotating speed.grinding pan diameter material level.grinding roller pressure are all the same,grinding efficency of Model PRM roller mill can be raised more than 30%,average power consumption can be saved about 8.2%,and impact vibration of the overall unital could be obviously reduced.

With international advanced technology and national leading manufacturing has passed the ministry-level test and listed as state level new preouct in 1995

2.The technical parameter

1.The inlet size is less than 80mm

2.The permited inlet moisture is 6%.

3.The mill speed is 29.75r/min


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