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16m domestic Waste Treatment 80 tons Per Hour Rotary Kiln System

16m domestic Waste Treatment 80 tons Per Hour Rotary Kiln System

  • High Light

    16m Rotary Kiln System


    80 tons Rotary Kiln System


    Waste Treatment Electric Rotary Kiln

  • Capacity
    20tpd To 110tpd
  • Color
    As Per Your Requirements
  • Type
    Hydraulic Type
  • Working Hours
    24 Hours
  • Working Day
    330 Days
  • Warranty Period
    One Year
  • After Sales Service
  • Condition
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    All the packing will be suitable for sea and road transporting2.the heavy machine will be bolted on the cushion. 3.The easy damaged parts will be packed in the wooden box. 4.The iron parts will be packed in the iron railing,iron box,iron frame,5.some parts
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    1 set per 180 days

16m domestic Waste Treatment 80 tons Per Hour Rotary Kiln System

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16m domestic Waste Treatment 80 tons Per Hour Rotary Kiln System


Girth gear. We can produce spur gear, helical gear,so if you need the spare parts like girth gear with spur gear,helical gear or bevel gear,please try to contact with me,we can produce as per your drawings

Spring plate: to connect the girth gear and shell.

Hyraulic thrust roller: besideds the hydraulic thrust roller,there is also mechanical thrust roller which one does not use much more now. Such unit can push the tyre and supporting roller to be worn on the whole width to extend their lifetime.

The sealing unit:Kiln inlet and kiln outlet. We have designed from graphite block sealing to fish scales sealing. Fish scales sealing is much more simple and most of rotary kiln we adopt fish scales sealing.


The size of rotary kiln


Rotary kiln for lime Rotary kiln for cement
Φ3.2x50m 190kw Φ2.6x44m 55kW
Φ3.5x60m 132kw Φ3x48m 100kW
Φ4.0x60m 200kw Φ3.2x50m 160kW
Φ4.5x65m 315kw Φ3.5x54m 160kW
Φ4.8x70m 355kw Φ4x60m 220kW
Φ5.2x64m 400kw Φ4.3x64m 315kW
Φ5.6x87m 800kw Φ4.8x74m 400kW

The structure of rotary kiln

We can design as per your requirements if you provide us the capacity or the size, we will calculate and choose one right type for you. The rotary kiln must be in good quality,because the rotary kiln shall be running for 24 hours. And once stop, it need three days to restart, time is money, So please choose Pengfei, because we have long history and much more experience on manufacturing and improving the rotary kiln.


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  •  Our company is the biggest manufacture base for the rotary kiln we have manufactured the vertical kiln from 1983, and rotary kiln from 1994,till now we have already manufactured for 26 years.Our chairman Mr Wang Jiaan make a lot of investment on arranging technical team to research, cooperate with the famous research institute and college for many years to improve the technology of our rotary kiln. From the wet process to dry process, from size around 2 meters to 6 meters.from cement plant other industry filed. From two piers to four piers.Now our rotary kiln are the leaders for rotary kiln in cement plant with capacity from 300tpd,700tpd,800tpd,1000tpd,1200tpd,1500tpd,2000tpd,2500tpd,3000tpd,3500tpd,4000tpd,5000tpd, 8000tpd ,lime plant capacity from 300tpd to 1200tpd.300tpd,400tpd,600tpd,800tpd,1000tpd,1200tpd.Nickel ore plant from 50000tons 150000tons.our such rotary kiln with advanced technology and high automation level can increase the running rate 3-5%,production has been raised by 5-10%, and heat consumption has been reduced 15% down. Till now we have sold to more than 200 hundred clients in the domestic clients in such filed and more than 100 hundred clients in foreign countries. we also cooperate European countries for the rotary kiln manufacturing.
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