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PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant

PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant

  • High Light

    PFG Cement Production Plant


    2000kW Cement Production Plant


    Pengfei Cement Rotary Kiln

  • Roller
    Two Rollers
  • Power
  • Process
    Dry Process
  • Control Method
    Automatically Control
  • Warranty Period
    One Year
  • After-sales Service
  • Working Hours
  • Working Days
    300 Days-330days
  • Working Rate
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    All the packing is suitable for the ocean transporting and inland transporting,1.The kiln shell is transported in 6 sections. 2.The supports is packed on the cushion.3. the small parts is packed in wooden box and iron frame.4.there will be shipping mark on
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T,CASH
  • Supply Ability
    1 SET PER 180days

PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant

PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant


  We can produce the roller press from roller with max diameter 1200mm to 2000mm,the treating capacity is from 115t/h to 1250tph. The erected power is from 2*250kW to 2*2000kW. Such roller press win a lot of clients in domestic and foreign clients.we have sold to more than 100 clients in domestic area.Like the biggest cement group Huaxin group. We have exported to foreign clients like we export diameter 1800x1200 and dia 1600x1400 to Alacem cement plant in Kazakstan for 3200tpd cement plant. Export dia 1400x800 to KHOUNKHAM GROUP in....Export two sets of dia 1200x600 to Vietnam, export diameter 1400x800 to Algeria cement plant for 3000tpd cement plant.export South America Bolivia Cement projects,diameter 1600,export Pakistan PLC Cement plant diameter 1400mm.


Content Unit Parameter
1 Type   PFG-12060
2 Diameter of roller mm 1200
3 Roller width mm 600
4 Through capacity t/h 110~165
5 Required comprehensive moisture % ≤3
6 Average product finess    
≤2mm   70%
≤0.08mm   ≤25%
7 Inlet size/Max mm ≤60
8 Max material feeding temperature 100
9 Roller shaft speed m/s 1.47
10 Max forcing of roller kN 4200
11 Max material feeding temperature 100
12 Drive power kW 2×280
13 Mechanical data    
13.1 Main frame    
Material   Q235B
Heat treatment   Annealing treatment for whole
Ultrasonic   Ultrasonic


The main parts of roller press are two rollers one fixed roller, one moveable roller. Those two rollers will be pressurized by the hydraulic system ,once the material fall into the gap between those two rollers. They will be grounded into cake type by the high pressure. In those cake type material, there are lots of powders.the materials enter into ball mill without roller press system is 25mm,but now with pregrinding system, the material entering into the ball mill will be less than 1.5mm,so that in the next step ball mill grinding. It is easier for ball mill to grind the fine material, and the capacity is higher than single ball mill system. the most important of the parts are the rollers. The wear resistant layer of the rollers have two types in our company, one is wear resistant stud for the higher resistant material, like iron ore in metallurgy is hardfacing ,our hardfacing can be welded by imported material or domestic material ,it depends on your requirements.but the wear resistant stud type roller lifetime is longer than hardfacing layer roller.wear resistant stud type roller ,lifetime can be around 4 years, hardfacing layer is around just 8000hours.once worn, the roller press shall be stopped to make hardfacing again. Of course .the stud type roller price is higher than the hardfacign roller.



The pregrinding system also consists of V-type seperator

The V-shaped separator is a new type of powder separator. It is generally matched with a roller press to form various roller powder grinding systems. The V-shaped powder separator breaks up and classifies the cake pressed by the roller press, and can also dry the materials according to the process requirements. The appearance of the V-shaped separator has brought a new life and vitality to the rolling mill system. In order to meet the different requirements of different technological schemes on the material quantity and fineness of the V-shaped separator. The particle size of V-PF series powder separator is generally less than 0.2mm, and the fineness of the particles can be changed by adjusting the air volume and the direction of the blade.

The V-PF type powder separator is a static powder separator that is completely dispersed by gravity and separated by wind force. It is used to separate non-viscous and low-moisture materials. It can also be used in addition to the roller mill system. Coarse grinding or coarse powder separation process line.

When the moisture of the material to be sorted is heavy, hot air can be blown through the air inlet of the powder separator to dry it.

In order to ensure the function of the powder separator, the wind power of the air circulation system must be strictly controlled to reduce the air leakage at the feed and return ports, and make the feed distribution of the powder separator even.


We can produce the V-PF type seperator with air volume from 140000m3/h to 330000m3/h.

If you choose our company on the pre-grinding system, we will make the process calculation and select the right Seperator and roller press for you.


PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant 0


PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant 1

The specification of roller press


13.2 Roller shaft    
Structure type   Forged
Material   45#
Heat treatment   Hardening and tempering
Hardness HV 235±20
Ultrasonic   Ultrasonic,Magnetic powder
Cooling way   Water cooling
13.3 Roller surface    
Material   Wear resistance alloy hardfacing
Hardness of roller surface HRC 58~62
Lifetime for onetime/lifetime after hardfacing h 8000/2000
Guarantee precondition of lifetime for one time   No bigger material and metal
13.4 Bearing    
Type   23296CAK/W33
Lubricating system   Grease lubrication
Supplier   DYZV
13.5 Bearing base    
Material   ZG230-450
Temperature test element of bearing   Yes
13.6 Main drive unit    
Type   Y450-6
Rated power kW 280
Voltage V 380
Speed rpm 744
Supplier   Beide Simens
Gear box    
Type   XGF38M
Rated speed ratio   31.5
Supplier   Hubei Jujing
13.7 Supporting unit for torsion   COMBINED TYPE TORISION TYPE SUPPORTS
13.8 Feeding unit    
Material   Wear ressitance steel plate HARDOX500
13.9 Hydraulic system    
Rated work pressure/Max pressure bar 160
Oil cylinder type mm Φ320
Oil cylinder manufacture   WUXI CHINA
Main element supplier   SHANGHAI CHINA
13.10 Lubrication system for grease    
13.11 Lubrication unit for gear box    
13.12 Detecting unit    
Displacement detection    
Type   HKWDC-80L
Range   0~80mm
Output   4~20mA
Quantity   2 sets
Tempreature test for main bearing    
Type   WZPM-201
Graduation   Pt100
Range   0~300℃
Quantity   8个
Pressure test for hydraulic system    
Range   0~20MPa
Output   4~20mA
Supplier   Germany EMB
Quantity Set 2
13.13 Control panel Set 1
Electrical element   SCHNEIDER CHINA
PLC Supplier   Simens
13.14 Equipment weight t 70


PFG120-60 Pengfei Raw Material Cement Production Plant 2