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3000tpd cement plant cement production line

3000tpd cement plant cement production line

  • Type
  • Process Type
    Dry Process Or Wet Process
  • Spare Parts
  • Main Material
    Limestone,clay,gypsum,iron Ore
  • Condition
  • Warranty
    12 Months
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 sets
  • Price
    Depend on different technology
  • Packaging Details
    Sea worthy packing,wooden packing,irong box packing, nude packing etc.
  • Delivery Time
    360 DAYS
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P,
  • Supply Ability
    1 SET+360 DAYS

3000tpd cement plant cement production line

3000tpd cement plant cement production line




² 1.1..1 Limestone crushing and transportation

Trucked to the site from the its mine, limestone is directly discharged at an exclusive tipple, and crushed in the single-stage hammer crusher via heavy-duty plate feeder .When the crusher is off, limestone is kept in exclusive pile, later sent to crushing system


² 1.1..2 Limestone pre-blending & transportation

Crushed limestone is to be stored in the round preblending stockpile,and storage life of 3.74days. the crushed limestone will be continously piled through cantilever stacking belt conveyor in chevron shape,and then transversely reclaimed by scrapper reclaimer.the limestone after preblending will be conveyed to raw material proportioning station by belt conveyor.


² 1.1..3 Clay & Marl crushing and Iron powder transportation

Trucked to the site from the its mine, clay and marl directly discharged at an exclusive tipple, and crushed in the crusher via medium plate feeder .When the crusher is off, clay is kept in exclusive pile, later sent to crushing tipple by frontloader. After crushing, the clay and marl then be sent to the Accessory Raw Material Preblending shed by belt conveyors.

The Iron powder with particle size £25mm is discharged from automatic dump truck into hopper. Then be sent to the Accessory Raw Material Preblending shed by belt conveyors.


² 1.1.4 United Preblending Shed & Transportation

Crushed clay, marl and Iron powder carried to Accessory Raw Material Preblending Shed by belt conveyor to stored. United preblending stockpile consists of auxiliary preblending stockpile and raw coal preblending stockpile. The United Preblending Shed is a longitude stockpile.


² 1.1..5 Raw material proportioning & transportation

Raw meal proportioning shall employ four silos, and weighing belt of frequency control. The proportioning silo of limestone is of φ8m steel bin , while clay, marl and iron powder proportioning silo is of steel bin.


² 1.1..6 Raw mill & waste gas treatment at kiln inlet

After meeting the requirements of grindability test, raw meal shall enter into vertical mill made in China.


² 1.1.7. Raw meal blending silo & kiln inlet feeding

Raw meal from raw mill is to be stored in IBAU silo, impact flow meter shall be employed at kiln inlet feeding, and raw meal is to be carried into pre-heater system by belt type bucket elevator


² 1.1.8 Kiln pre-heater & pre-calciner system

Kiln inlet employs single line 5 stage cyclone pre-heater and KSF calciner.


² 1.1.9 Calcining kiln & kiln outlet

After pre-calcining processing, raw meal is calcined into clinker in rotary kiln , with heat consumption as 760kCal/kg-cl. High temperature clinker from rotary kiln is to be cooled sharply by cold air blown in below from grid plate in grate cooler. The temperature of clinker from grate cooler is ambient temperature + 65, cooled and crushed clinker is taken into clinker silo by bucket chain conveyor.Part of high temperature exhaust gas from cooler shall become secondary air; other part shall become combustion air in calciner via tertiary air duct; and part of it shall become drying source for coal grinding in coal mill; and the rest shall be released into the atmosphere after the treatment of kiln outlet bag filter. Fine ash from heat exchanger and bag filter shall be carried into clinker silo via chain conveyor and clinker bucket chain conveyor.


² 1.1.10 Clinker storage & transportation

The cooled and crushed clinker through chain bucket conveyer comes to clinker silo for storage, with capacity of 33000t, and storage life of 16.5 days. The clinker out of silo is sent to the clinker batch silo before cement mill by belt conveyor.


² 1.1.11 Gypsum crushing and pozzolana transportation

The gypsum and pozzolona is transported to crusher for crushing .When the crusher is off, gypsum is kept in exclusive pile, later sent to crushing tipple by frontloader. After crushing, the gypsum then be sent to the batch silo by belt conveyors.

Trucked to the site from the its mine, pozzolana directly discharged at the additives shed. Then it is conveyed via forklift to specific unloading pit and via belt conveyer sent to proportioning silo.


² 1.1.12 Cement proportioning and grinding

Cement proportioning shall employ threeφ8m silos, and weighing belt of frequency control.

Cement mill has two sets of circulating system. The ground cement will go through chute and elevator, then be directly sent to Φ15m cement silos.


² 1.1.13 Cement storage and bulking

Cement from cement mill system is stored in four silos , two of them equip bulk loading system. Cement is carried to packing system from the silo bottom. The storage capacity for one cement silo is 8700t.


² 1.1.14 Cement packing

Cement from bottom of silos is lifted by the bucket elevator. Packing shall employs rotary packer with 8 mouths, and cement bagged are transported by belt conveyor to bag cement truck loader system. There are four belt-loaders in truck loader system,for packaged truck loading.


² 1.1.15 Raw Coal Crushing&Transportation

Trucked to the site from the its mine, coal directly discharged at an exclusive tipple, and crushed in the crusher via medium plate feeder .When the crusher is off, coal is kept in exclusive pile, later sent to crushing tipple by frontloader. After crushing, the coal then be sent to the raw coal Preblending shed by belt conveyors.


² 1.1.16 Pulverized coal preparation and weighing system

Raw coal after measuring of belt scale is fed into air swept mill for drying and grinding. The hot air for drying is exactly the exhaust gas from kiln outlet grate cooler. Discharged coal powder will be collected by specific high concentrated anti explosive bag filter, the collected powder then enters pulverized coal bin, through 2 measuring systems, which will be sent to multichannel coal burner pipe at kiln outlet and coal burner pipe at kiln inlet calciner. The dusty gas is purified by bag filter and then ejected to atmosphere.


² 1.1.17 Compressed air station

There are two air compressor stations in the site, that is, 6 sets of screw air-boosting compressor in all of 23m3/min as displacement and the pressure is 0.8Mpa. One air compressor station is set below the kiln pre-heater frame with 3 sets screw air-boosting compressor, the other which is near the proportioning silo of cement mill shop can meet the demands of every pneumatic valve, kiln pre-heater block-up, measuring device and pulsed bag dust collector and so on.




Product type and material required


Table 1




Company history

Established in 1994 and with a registered capital of 51.3859 million yuan, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in undertaking overall contracting projects of designing, manufacturing, supplying, assembling, debugging and technical serving for industries like building materials, environmental protection, metallurgy, and chemical machineries. Our products mainly consist of cement production line, rotary kiln, ball mill, raw mill, slag mill, cement grinding equipment, preheating equipment, laterite nickel rotary kiln, oxidized pellet production line, air swept coal mill, mining mill, autogenous mill, semi-autogenous mill, rolling machine, powder separator, vertical mill, crushing equipment, environmental protection equipment, cooling machine, drying equipment, fluidized bed furnace, compound fertilizer equipment, blending machine, granulator, vibrating screen, proportioning scale, conveyor, feeding machine, air slide, elevator, chemical evaporimeter, conditioning tower, electrical control equipment, liquid ammonia tank, etc. As the leading manufacturer of cement equipment in China, we have the largest production and export base of cement equipment in the coastal areas, and all of our products have passed the certification of ISO9000 and CE.

Our company covers an area of 450,000m2, of which 240,000 m2 is our assembly workshop, and now we have six subsidiaries that are respectively dedicated to machinery, electron, foundry, assembly and new building material. Our machinery and equipment manufacture base has an annual productivity of 300,0000tonnes and we have our own storage and transport bases at ports. Located near the Chinese international ports of Shanghai and Nantong, we have the advantage of convenient transportation. Our products have been well received in as many as 60 countries and districts such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt,, Japan, South Korea, Bengal, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa, Bolivia, etc.

We have successfully accomplished the manufacture task of four 3000t/d cement production lines for Pakistan, and undertook eight cement production lines for Burma. We also provide overall cement engineering project service in South Africa, Rwanda, Egypt, Bengal, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and so on. Our services range from limestone crushing to cement supply, and from assembling and debugging to technology serving.

Product Advantages:
Here in Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, we have a wide range of product lines for customers, and we provide overall contracting services for cement production enterprises, including technological design, equipment supply, and assembly and debugging of equipment. And we undertake international biding projects as well. Moreover, we also provide equipment and technical service for grinding, calcining, crushing, dust collecting and transporting in enterprises like metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, electricity, and environment protection, etc.

1. Cement production line: for this line, we provide various services including engineering design, civil construction, equipment, assembly and debugging, technology services, and general contracting service.
2. Cement grinding plant: our cement grinding plant has advantages of simpler processing flow, easier operation, less investment, electricity saving, and environmental protection, and it can be mixed with admixture.
3. Industrial kiln and furnace: our industrial kiln and furnace is widely used in fields like metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractories, environmental protection sector, and that.
4. Grinding equipment: it is typically designed for grinding various ores and grindable materials for industrial and mining enterprises, and it can also be used for open-circuit grinding as well as circulatory closed-circuit grinding in conjunction with the powder classifier.
5. Crushing equipment: our crushers are typically designed for coarse and medium crushing of ores and other materials.
6. Dust collector: this kind of equipment is typically used in fields like metallurgy, electricity, chemical industry, building material, and many other sectors.
7. Cooling equipment: our monocular cooler has features of compact, rational and simple structure, high thermal efficiency, low maintenance costs, less equipment investment and high-efficiency operation. And all of our coolers have the advantages of high efficiency and low operation costs.
8. Drying machine: our rotary dryer is mainly used for drying slag, clay, limestone and more in fields of cement, chemical engineering, metallurgy, building material, etc.
9. Compound fertilizer equipment: this kind of machine features easy technology, low investment and convenient operation.


1. Export packing

All the packing are suitable for the sea-worthy packing and inland packing. the big parts like the shell for main equipments are all bared packing with obvious hoist point.the motor and gear box ,electrical parts are all packed by wooden box with COFF or packed with plywood.the parts which is made by steel or alloy are packed by iron cradle.


2 The export packing photos


bared packing



Polywood packing



iron box packing


3.1 The packing notes

All the packing have obivous hoist point which is conveinent for hoisting at the port.All the packing are fixed,no leakage,no break,clean and ry.

The shipping marks on the packing are like following:

Consignee:Foreign client

Consignor:Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd

Destination Port:



5.1Quality Control:

We have our own engineering technology center. We have a complete set of international first-class quality management system, so we can examine and test the whole process of our products from the time raw materials into our factory to the moment they leave. And we have established cooperative relations with authoritative quality inspection institutions at home and abroad, as well as many international quality supervision and consulting companies. All of our raw materials come from famous first-grade companies, thereby ensuring the high quality and performance of our products.

5. 2.Service:
.We offer perfect after-sales services to our customers throughout the world. Our skilled and experienced after-sales service staff can stay in your factory for equipment assembly and debugging.
. We also have emergency after-sales services to solve various operation problems and equipment faults existing in the production processes. We will send our technicians to your production sites to solve your problems.
. We will strictly observe the set delivery time, and will never make excuses to delay the delivery tim


Cement plant

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 3

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 4

Rotary kiln workshop for cement plant

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 5

Ball mill workshop for cement plant

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 6

Roller press workshop for cement plant

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 7
CE certificate

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 8

Packaging and shipping

3000tpd cement plant cement production line 93000tpd cement plant cement production line 10



1.How to order

Step 1:have intention and send you the standard quotation

step 2:visit and know each other very well

step 3:discuss all the technical details and commertical details

step 4:discuss the contract content

step 5:sign the contract

2.How about the delivery

for whole line.9 months after the advanced payment for the first lot,12 months after the advanced payment for the second lot

for the whole clinkder grinding sattion,6 months after the advanced payment

for the single ball mill,four months after the advanced payment

for the single rotary kiln,six months after the advanced payment

3.Payment T/T,OR L/C