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Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

  • High Light

    Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant


    250tph Clinker Grinding Plant


    OPC Clinker Grinding Plant

  • Process
    Dry Process
  • Working Hours
    24 Hours
  • Automatic Level
    Completely Automatically
  • Voltage
  • Weight
    As Per Process
  • Workign Days
    330 Days
  • Color
    As Per Your Requirements
  • After Sales Service
  • Warranty Period
    One Year
  • Capacity
  • Condition
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    All the packing is suitable for the ocean transporting and inland transporting,1.The kiln shell is transported in 6 sections. 2.The supports is packed on the cushion.3. the small parts is packed in wooden box and iron frame.4.there will be shipping mark on
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    1 SET PER 360 DAYS

Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

                                                  WELCOME TO JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD


Company photo

Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant 0


Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement clinker grinding plant

Technical parameter of 25000t/y cement plant

1.Main equipment list

Brief Introduction of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd.

Location advantage: Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong City which is in the north of Yangtze River delta economic metropolitan area. It connects Yellow Sea in the east and looks south to the Yangtze River. The company is the national famous building material machinery manufacturing and transporting base. The goods will be shipped to focus all over the world by the million tons of seagoing vessel will through the international Nantong Port and Shanghai Port. Ningqi Railway and Xinchang Railway connect here, and at the same time the coastal Highway and Haili Highway also link here. Because of its special harbor location advantages and manufacturing capacity, Pengfei Group has become the largest cement equipment manufacturing and exporting base in our national coastal areas.

Scope of business: The company has the great comprehensive ability to provide best quality services on turn-key basis with technology design, complete plant, erection and debugging, commissioning for the 10000t /d rotary kiln cement production enterprise. It can also undertake various projects abroad international bidding projects. It supplies complete equipments and technical services of grinding, calcination, crushing, dust collecting, conveying and lifting for the metallurgy, the chemical industry, the electrical power, the mine, the environmental protection enterprises, etc.

Market position:The total amount in the cement machinery industry is second rank among the same business, and first in Jiangsu Province. The products have been exported to more than 60 countries

Company instruction: Jiangsu Pengfei Group mainly engages in the design, manufacturing, selling of complete set of equipment for the building material machinery, the environmental protection machinery, the metallurgical machinery and the chemical machinery industry, supplying the complete set of machinery and electrical equipment, installation and debugging, as well as contracting the turn-key basis project and the relevant technical service.The company has won the titles of Chinese leading enterprise in cement machinery industry, Jiangsu Credible and Trustworthy Enterprise and Jiangsu AAA grade credit enterprise. Its leading products have got Chinese famous brand products titles and Pengfei trademark also has been awarded China Famous Trademark. The company covers an area of 350,000m2 and it has 0.82 billion RMB of total assets. There are 450 engineers and technicians. The company has the six subsidiary companies such as the mechanical plant, electronic plant, casting plant, installation plant, the new type building materials plant, etc.The company has the mechanical processing capacity of 300,000t/y; its rotary diameter and gear hobbing diameter are 10m as well as the diameter of the annealing furnace is 6.5m; the maximum hoisting capacity is 400t, own CK52130x50/260(φ13m)vertical lathe,DVT1000x40/200(φ10m)vertical lathe,W11-120X3200(120mm thick 3200mm wide)steel plate rolling machine, C6070x21(φ7m,21m length)shell lathe, C6070x25(φ7m,25m length) shell lathe,C6070x15(φ7m,15m)shell lathe andφ7mx21m annealing furnace and etc. so the company can meet the manufacturing requirements of the rotary kiln and ball mill below φ6m. The large-sized pre-heater, rotary kiln, tube mill, vertical mill, cooler and other main machinery is completely researched, developed and manufactured by Pengfei Group itself. The company has assumed the dual role of supplier for the turn-key services and supplier for main equipments. After obtaining signing right and management qualifications of foreign project-contracting, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd actively develops the international business of project contracting, contracts construction and installation project as well as international bid project of cement, metallurgy, chemical machinery and equipment , at the same time dispatches the needed labors that the above mentioned foreign projects needed. Pengfei Group completed to manufacturing the main machines of Pakistan PLC 3000t/d cement production line for Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute successfully, and then got the business to manufacturing the main machines for Pakistan PLD, PLE and PLF Production Line. The company has taken on the complete project of eight cement production lines like Myanmar Thayet, Dragon, Triple A, King Elephant and Tiger Head Cement Plant, as well as the business to manufacturing the rotary kiln and cement mill for two 2500t/d cement production lines of Vietnam Kaisa Cement Plant. Pengfei Group has contracted the complete set of 1500t/d cement production line with Africa Rwanda company, and the project includes the process from the limestone crushing to the finished cement products, the electrical automation design, the equipments for the whole factory as well as the services of installation & debugging, personnel training, etc. At the same time the company implements the turn-key basis project of 2500t/d cement production line for Russia Volga Cement Plant.

Our board chairman and general manager, Mr. Wang Jia’an, warmly welcome all the overseas experts, colleagues and friends to come to our company, and survey and discuss about cooperation business and make great future together.


No. Name Specification and Size Q'ty Capacity(t/h)

L imestone & Marl crusher


Single stage, hammer type

Feed size: less than 1200x900x900mm

Product size: less than 70mm R95%

Main motor: 600kW

1 400
2 Alluvium stacker Suspended arm side stacking 1 500
3 Alluvium reclaimer

Bridge scraper


1 250
4 Limestone and clay stacker

Suspended arm side stacking


1 400
5 Limestone and clay reclaimer

Bridge scraper


1 150

Raw mill


Vertical type

Feed size: less than 75mm

Product fineness: less than 12% R90

Feed moisture: max.6.5%

Product moisture: less than 0.5%

Main motor: ~2000kW

1 200
7 Raw mill fan

Air flow: ~420000m3/h

Pressure: 10500Pa

Air temperature: 100°C, max.150°C

Dust inlet: less than 100g/Nm3

Main motor: ~1800kW

8 Preheater fan

Air flow: ~460000m3/h

Pressure: 7500Pa

Air temperature: 310°C, max.450°C

Dust inlet: less than 80g/Nm3

Main motor: ~1500kW


2.scope of supply

1) Limestone crush and transportation system;

2) Auxiliary material crush and transportation system;

3) Limestone Preblending Storage;

4) Auxiliary materia storage

5) Raw material propo rtioning system;

6) Raw material Grinding system

7) Raw meal homogenizing;

8) Kiln feeding and exhausted gas treatment system

9) Preheater

10) Rotary kiln

11) Cooler

12) Clinker storage and transportation system

13) raw coal preblending and storage

14) coal Grinding system

15) Gypsum and additive material storage

16) Gypsum and additive material crushing

17) Cement proportioning system

18) Cement Grinding system

19) Cement storage and transportation system

20) Cement packer and transportation

21) Cement bulk

22) power transforming and distributing station;

23) Center control room

24) Electric room

25) Compressed air station

26) Compressed air pipeline

27) Water supply and drainage

28) Circulation water pond and pump house

29) Water supply pipe network



I.Company introduction 

Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is a large leading enterprise in building material industry. Our company is a manufacturing and exporting base of cement machinery and equipment. 12 of our products have passed the evaluation of Ministry & Provincial certifications. Furthermore, 6 of our products are an honor of "National New Products" and 5 products have attained the Ministry & Provincial Good Quality Certification, as well as 22 patents, 4 high and new technical certification s. Our company has many kinds of large machining equipment with strong machining capacities of 150,000MT/y to satisfy the requirements of rotary kilns and ball mill below 6 meters. Our equipment includes 8-meter hobbing machines, 8-meter vertical lathes, 5 -meter vertical lathes, 6.3m*20m face lathes and 6.5-meter annealing furnaces. After 40 years' development, our company has formed production service from design, manufacture, installation to debugging. We supply 4.3*64m rotary kilns and 3.8*13m ball mills for Pakistan Lucky Cement Factory, two comprehensive sets of cement production lines for Myanmar Dragon Cement Factory, 5*74m rotary kilns and 3.8m wind swept coal mills of four cement production lines for National Industry Cement Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Taini (Yingde) Cement Co., Ltd, two 4.2*13m ball mills for Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel & Iron Factory and 4.0*60m rotary kilns and 4.6*13m ball mills of 2,500tpd cement production line for Vietnam Caesar Cement Factory. Our products sell well not only all through our country, but also in Russia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South America and Middle Africa. Our board chairman and general manager, Mr. Jia'an Wang, warmly welcomes all overseas experts, colleagues and friends to visit our company, and cooperate with us.



1.1Process sketchDry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant 1


2.1000tpd cement production line 

2.1Construction scale

 To build a production line of 1000t/d clinker cement, that is, to produce 1000 tons of cement clinker each day, 300,000 tons per year, to produce portland cement more than 347,100 tons. The output will vary according to product variety and class.

Model selection of process: To adopt the advanced technology in dry 5-stage cyclone preheater, calciner and rotary kiln, which is developed and manufactured by China.

2.2Process description

(1) Limestone crushing and transportation

After limestone is conveyed from mine to plant, if crusher is switched on, LS will be directly unloaded to receiving pit, and then by heavy duty apron feeder sent to single hammer crusher PCF1616 to be crushed, if crusher is switched off, LS will be unloaded to open-air stockpile, and then sent to receiving bin via loader for crushing.

The crushed limestone is sent to two limestone dosing silos (dia.Φ12m) by belt conveyer, elevator and tee valve.

(2) Auxiliary material crushing and conveying

When the exclusive receiving pit is free, clay is unloaded directly to the pit, and then sent to clay proportioning silo via apron feeder, tooth crusher, belt conveyer and elevator. When the receiving pit is full, clay will be firstly stacked at shed, and then conveyed by forklift to receiving pit when it is free, at last, it is conveyed to clay proportioning silo by apron feeder, crusher, belt conveyer and clay proportioning silo.

When the exclusive receiving pit is free, iron ore and sandstone is unloaded directly to the pit, and then sent to respective proportioning silo via raw crusher, elevator. When the receiving pit is full, they will be firstly stacked at shed, and then conveyed by forklift to receiving pit when it is free, at last, it is conveyed to respective proportioning silo by crusher and elevator.

(3) Coal homogenization

Raw coal is unloaded directly to the pit after coming into plant, and then sent to raw coal preblending stockpile via apron feeder, belt conveyer, elevator and belt conveyer with discharging trolley, or firstly unloaded to open-air stockpile, and then conveyed by forklift to receiving pit subject to inform, at last, it is conveyed to raw coal preblending stockpile through apron feeder, belt conveyer, elevator and belt conveyer with discharging trolley. The blended raw coal is sent to raw coal bin through forklift and belt conveyer.

(4) Raw material proportioning silo and conveying

Raw material proportioning silo is composed of two concrete silos and three steel slab bins, and be measured by variable speed belt scale. Limestone silo consists of two Φ12m concrete silos, used for storage and proportioning. The proportioning bins is Φ6m,Φ6m and Φ6m respectively for clay, sandstone and iron ore.

(5) Raw mill & waste gas treatment at kiln inlet

Proportioned raw material will be fed onto the air swept drying mill with size of Φ3.8×8.6m. In the process of rotating, raw meal will be raised by material raising device in the raw mill and sufficiently contact with hot gas from high-temperature fan at kiln inlet. By this means, raw meal will be dried. Dry raw meal is ground in the mill. Then the raw meal will fed onto high efficiency separator. Fine powder will be fed onto the raw meal-homogenizing silo via electric flap valve and air slide while coarse powder returned to the mill via electric flap valve and air slide. Hot gas from preheater goes through humidification tower and high-temperature fan and then divides into two parts, one part goes directly to electric dust collector, and the other part goes to raw mill head, and then 1/8 of this part goes to mill end. Waste gas out of mill firstly goes through high efficiency separator and raw mill fan (with inlet regulation valve), and joins the waste gas to the electric dust collector. After that, the waste gas will be purified by the electric dust collector and drained to the air.

2.3 Main equipment photos

Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant 2

3.Quality control system 

Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant 3

Dry Process OPC 250tph Integrated Cement Clinker Grinding Plant 4


  4.After-sales service

Implementing the concept of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service:

1 Pre sale service:

Introducing products and related processes to users,Production Line Scheme and Technical Advantage,Providing pre-project technical advisory services,Customized Production Line Technical Solution for Customers.

2 Sale service:Manufacture excellent products for users,Provide customers with confidence in product quality.

Test:Strengthening Process Inspection and Intermediate Control,Strict Inspection System,Guarantee product quality,Providing quality products.

Train:Arrange experienced engineering technicians for training and guidance

install:Delegate engineers and technicians with experience in installation and commissioning to the site for installation and commissioning guidance,After customer acceptance is satisfactory,Qualified user opinion reports must be obtained.

3 After-sale service:

Regular guidance to users for product maintenance and maintenance,Free guidance for user installation,commissioning and product maintenance.Upon receipt of user failure handling requirements,Give maintenance advice within 24 hours.

Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit, Always put the interests of customers first.