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  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
  • China JIANGSU PENGFEI GROUP CO.,LTD company profile
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    North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide

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Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary kiln and grinding equipment in China and the global market. It will be listed on the main board of Hong Kong in 2019. The stock name and code: China Pengfei Group HK03348.
The business scope includes the design, manufacture and service of equipment in the fields of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc., and as an EPC service provider, providing customized one-stop solutions for design, procurement, construction and trial operation.
The company is committed to the research and development of new technologies such as energy-saving energy storage and comprehensive utilization of resources, and has established innovative research and development platforms such as national enterprise technology centers and postdoctoral workstations. We have completed a number of major equipment projects such as national industrial revitalization, national torch plan, national key new products, and we participated in "Cement Industry Rotary Kiln", "Cement Industry Vertical Mill", "Cement Industry Roller", "Cement Industry Drafting of more than 10 national standards and industry standards, such as the use of tube mills, and technical requirements for complete sets of new dry-process cement production equipment. The leading products are rotary kiln systems, grinding equipment, and cement production lines. The technology is at the leading domestic level in the industry and won the advanced collective of the national building materials industry, the outstanding enterprise in the building material machinery industry for 40 years of reform and opening up, the rotary kiln won the national single championship of the national manufacturing industry. According to Frost & Sullivan's industry report, Pengfei Group is the largest supplier of rotary kilns in China and the world in terms of 2018 revenue. It has completed the construction of more than 100 cement production line projects, exported to more than 70 countries in the world, and has a global footprint. It sells products and provides one-stop solutions to customers in more than 50 Belt and Road countries, such as Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, etc.
Pengfei people surveyed the University, benefited the world, actively fulfilled social responsibilities, and became an industry leader.
Pengfei people carry hope, foresight, unity and forge ahead, harmonious development, and work together to build an international enterprise group.


The main products
Rotary kiln system, grinding equipment and cement production line.
Rotary kiln system mainly includes rotary kiln, preheater, dryer, cooler and rotary kiln control system;
The grinding equipment system mainly includes tube mill (including ball mill and coal mill), roller press, vertical mill, separator and grinding equipment control system;
Cement production line: Including 1 000 t/d, 2 500 t/d, 3 000 t/d, 5 000 t/d cement production lines and EP/EPC engineering general contracting services of various grinding production lines with annual output of 100,000 tons, 300,000 tons, 500,000 tons, 1 million tons and 2 million tons.
Business Scope
Building materials field: complete sets of technologies and equipment such as cement, lime, high-phosphorus soil and aluminum-vanadium;
Metallurgy field: laterite nickel ore roasting kiln, lithium ore roasting kiln, gold ore smelting kiln, iron chrome reduction kiln, copper mine furnace, steel pellets,large-scale mining mill, vertical coal mill, etc.;
Chemical field: calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide complete technology and equipment, composite powder complete technology and equipment, nitriding furnace, coal efficient cleaning and upgrading kiln, coal-to-liquid, coal clean-dry distillation technology and equipment, oil sand shale oil extraction technical equipment;
Environmental protection fields: solid waste, hazardous waste, sludge disposal kiln, cement kiln co-processing waste technology and equipment,
One Belt and One Road
Pengfei group has built more than 100 cement production lines and its products were exported to more than 70 countries where pengfei also offered one-stop solutions, including engineering design, civil engineering, equipment package, installation and commissioning, and production service such as Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, etc.


In 1956,Our company,known as iron,wood,bamboo manufal cooperation,was established,mainly involved in iron,wood,bamboo manual processing,then it was renamed as Dagong Farm Tools Plant.

In 1978,Our company began to enter into machinery processing industry,manufacturing shaping machine,water pump and threashing machine.

In 1983,Our company renamed as Dagong machinery plant entered into cement machinery manufacturing industry,mainly producing auxiliary equipment such as electric vibrator and level sealing.

In 1983,our company renamed as Haian Building materials equipment plant,producing main equipment for small and medium-sized cement enterprises such as pre-adding wter grannulator,separator,mechanical vertical kiln and small size ball mill,began to make a figure,in order to extend industrial influence,our company was renamed as state-run haian building materials equipment plant in 1989.

In 1994,Jiangsu Pengfei Group was established,at that time,our company can provide main equipment such as rotary kiln,ball mill for cement plants which outputs were under 1000t/d.

In 2002,after reconstructing  and recoganization,Jiangsu Pengfei Industry Co.,ltd was established,our company provides main equipment such as rotary kiln,ball mill for cement plants which outputs  were under 2500t/d

In 2003,our company was renamed as Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd,Providing large main equipment less than dia 6m such as large-scale rotary kiln and ball millfor cement production enterprises which day output under 10000t.

During the last ten years of developent until the year of 2014,our commpany has developed six production bases:east,south,west and north production areaas,large-scale casting steel area and Nantong port,Our company,as general supplier,has become the manufacturing center of industrial kiln(furnace)and grinding equipment all over the world.




Normally all our equipments have one year guarantee against the commissioning is finished. During this one year,if the equipment have problems due to the reason solely attributed to the equipment quality. We will repair and provide the required parts.for the whole plant,for sign the EP or EPC contract from design to the commissioning of the plant. we will also provide one year guarantee after the acceptance of the whole plant by the buyer. During this one year. The whole plant equipment quality guarantee are under our scope. The same, if the equipment have problems due to the reason solely attributed to the equipment quality, we will repair and provide the required parts at reasonable time or for foreign clients. They can also use the parts they buy themselves at our own expense to repair the damaged equipment under the approvement from our side. All those issues can be discussed face to face,if you choose us, you will feel all problems are under control.


Spare parts supplying

We have our own software system EPR system kingdee K3 version which record details of each client and their purchased equipment from raw material purchasing to equipment delivered to the client’s to site so that in order to make sure the from purchasing department to the after-sales department we will not make mistakes on what we sell to this client.provide right spare parts. Perfect after-sales service to each clients.

For spare parts supplying, when we delivered the equipments, we will deliver the one-year easy damaged parts as per our experience for convinently repair of the equipments.

During the normal operation in future, we will guanteen the spare parts supplying as per client’s requirements to avoid the operation the all our client do not need to worry about this issue, even though the equipments are old type at one day. We will still supply.


Online and offline service

Our company provide online and offline service. All our after-sales service team are skilled person and have a lot experience in erection,commissioning of the equipments for many year. Some of them were skilled worker in workshop who knows well of the maching of the equipments and then practice on the site for many Please believe in our company’s after-sales service team.They are professional.besides their skill. They also are hard-workers. Their purpose is to satisfy the client’s requirement,as they know for the client, the equipment running, if stop for one seconds, there will be a lot of loss. So every engineer in our after-sales service team they always keep working until the troubleshooting finished. They are hardworking and responsible person. Regardless of 8 hours,24 hours contiguously working is normal for them

So once the client call us , our after-sales service team will try their best to arrive on site within 24 hours for the domestic clients and do their what they must do.

For the online service, it is for the small troubleshooting which we can solve through phone or video talking by chatting tools. Especially the foreign clients. It is far away, and sometimes it will cost long time for visas application, buying ticket to arrive on the site, Our company arrange the High-quality conference video system for us to talk face to face with our foreign clients,Please see this photos.this is our clound referrence. And this year, it is too difficult for our engineer to go to foreign site, so we solve a lot of problems through this way.

Now i will say thanks for them .without their hardworking, we will not get the client’s acceptance to the end.