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Dia3.5 7m Dry process ball mill in cement plant

Dia3.5 7m Dry process ball mill in cement plant

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    Dia3.5 Ball Mill In Cement Plant


    7m Ball Mill In Cement Plant


    7m Cement Plant Machinery

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    Continously Working
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    1 set
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    All the packing is suitable for the sea worthy packing and inland packing 1.the heavy machinery can be bolted on the cushion, the equipments and parts easy to be corrosion is packed in wooden box. the liners and etc is packed in the iron frame.2.the differ
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    120 days
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    1 SET+120days

Dia3.5 7m Dry process ball mill in cement plant

Dia3.5 7m Dry Process Ball Mill In Cement Plant


 Wet ball mill

Ball mill mainly consists of feeding part, discharging part, gyre part, transmission part (decelerated machine, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and so on. The hollow axis adopts cast steel, the lining plate can be replaced, the big gyre gear is made of forging rolling gear, and there is lining plate in the cylinder body, which has favorable abrasion resistance. The ball mill has the features of stable running and reliable working.
Structural Feature of Ball Mill Purpose
The ball mill is widely used in such production industries as cement, silicate product, new building materials, corhart, chemical engineering, nonferrous and black metal, mineral processing, glass and ceramic, etc. It is used for grinding various ore and other grindable materials dry or wet


The client list of ball mill


Sr. no Name of projects



1 Vietnam Kaisa Cement Co,Ltd φ4.8×13.5m 2units
3 Vietnam Qingshan Cement Co,Ltd φ4.8×13.5m 1unit
4 Vietnam Kaisa Cement Co,Ltd φ4.6×13m φ4.0×13m 1unit/2units
5 Chongqing Tongli Technology Engineeing Co,Ltd φ4.6×13m/φ3×12m 1unit/2units
6 Sudan Atbara Cement Co,Ltd φ4.6×13.5m 3units
7 Hefei Cement Research Design Institute φ4.6×13.5m 3units
8 Sichuan Emeishan Cement Co,Ltd φ4.6×13m/φ4.2×13m 1unit/2units
9 Sichuan Emeishan City Fertilizer Factory φ4.6×(9.5+3.5)m 1unit
10 Fujian longyan chunchi cemet group co,Ltd. φ4.2×13m 1unit
11 Hunan Hongli Cement Co,Ltd φ4.2×13m 1unit
12 Leiyang City Jindun Cement Co., Ltd. φ4.2×13m 1unit
13 Shanxi Ankuang Jianghua Cement Co., Ltd. φ4.2×13m 1unit
14 Shandong Juzhou Cement Co., Ltd. φ4.2×13m 1unit
15 Shichuang Emeishan City Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory φ4.2×13m 2units
16 Pakistan PLD Cement Co., Ltd. φ4.2×13m 2units
17 Baogang Yuanli Metallurgical Slag Micropowder Co., Ltd. φ4.2×13m 2units
18 Henan dadi Cement Co,,Ltd φ4.2×12.5m 2units
19 Handan Sinao Construction Co., Ltd. φ4.2×12.5m 1unit
20 Zhejiang Longyou Qinglongshan Cemet Co,,Ltd φ3.8×7.5m/φ3×11m 2units/4units
21 Shanxi Taiyuan Guangdongshan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×12m 1unit
22 Chongqing Runjiang Cemet Co,,Ltd φ3.8×13m 2units
23 Guangdong Aofeng(Luoding) Cemet Co,,Ltd φ3.8×13m 2units
24 Vietnam Huanglong 1000TPD Production Line φ3.8×13m 1unit
25 Ninxia Pingluo Hengda Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 1unit
26 Zhangzhou Zijin Building Material Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 2units
27 Guizhou Liuzhi Gongkuang Runan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 1unit
28 Eritrea GEDEM φ3.8×13m 1unit
29 Pakistan PLC Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m(hollow shaft) 2units
30 Pakistan PLEF Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m(hollow shaft) 3units
31 Xinjiang Precise Cemet Co,,Ltd. φ3.8×13m(hollow shaft) 1unit
32 Hunan I & E Company φ3.8×13m 2units
33 Neimenggu Yinli Jindong Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 1unit
34 Fujian Longyan Zijin Group Co,,Ltd φ3.8×13m(hollow shaft) 1unit
35 China Combination Cemet Co,,Ltd φ3.8×13m(hollow shaft) 3units
36 Shanxi Dongshan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 1units
37 Daqing Mengxi Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m(double sliding shoe) 2units
38 Arongqi Menxi Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m(hollow shaft) 2units
39 Yili Nangang Building Material Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 1unit
40 Fubei Wudang Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.8×13m 2units
41 Myanmar Dragon Cement Factory φ3.5×11.5m 1unit
42 Heilongjiang Haerbin Taihang Yinlong Cement Plant φ3.5×8m 1unit
43 Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. φ3.5×10m 2units
44 Guizhou Rongsheng(Group) Building Material Co., Ltd. φ3.5×10m/φ3.5×13m 2units/2units
45 Xinjiang Xinlong Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.5×11.5m 1unit
46 Xinjiang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. φ3.5×11.5m 2units
47 Fuzhou Queli Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.5×13m 1unit
48 Chengdu International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. φ3.5×11.5m 1unit
49 Huizhe Dianbai Trade Co., Ltd. φ3.5×11m 1unit
50 Shanxi Tongzhou Mianyi Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.5×11m 1unit
51 Myanmar HTCT φ3.2×11m 1unit
52 Guangxi Yufeng Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×11m 2units
53 Guangxi Pingnan Guidan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
54 Shanxi Nifeng Hongda Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
55 Xiameng Lute Lingshi Building Material Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
56 Henan Lingshan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
57 Sunchangjiang φ3.2×13m 1unit
58 Liguangyou φ3.2×13m 1unit
59 Fanzhitian φ3.2×13m 1unit
60 Wuhan Xinlingyun Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
61 Wuhan Shengda Material Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m(slag mill) 1unit
62 Suzhou Longquan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
63 Changzhi Kebao Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
64 Bayan Zuoer Tuanyang Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
65 Zhongjian Sanjun Commodity Concrete Supply Station φ3.2×13m 1unit
66 Xi’an Huxian Qiangwan φ3.2×13m 1unit
67 Yunnan Luoping Sanhai Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×(7+2)m 2units
68 Yunnan Pengcheng Gongmao Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 2units
69 Yunnan yingjiang Yunhan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 2units
70 Yunnan Simao Jianfeng Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×7m/φ3×11m 1unit/2units
71 Jilin Songliao Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
72 Jilin Yanbian Miaoling Cement Co., Ltd. φ3×11m/φ3.4×8.5m 2units/1unit
73 Jinlin Dequan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 2units
74 Jinlin Siping Hongzui Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m φ2.4×13m 1unit/2units
75 Jinlin Shiling Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit
76 Zhejiang Shaoxing Zhaoshang Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m/φ3.5×10m 2units
77 Zhejiang Shaoxing Huijishan Cement Co., Ltd. φ3.2×13m 1unit

Dry process ball mill

Model PMG Series high efficient ball mill has been designed with the merits of open circuit grinding system and important renovations on traditional ball mills,besides they have all the good advantages of open circuit mills,production capacity has been raised sustantially,product becoms super fine and blaines have been increased,it has provided a new type of grinding equipment for producing high strength grade cement with high output and super finess.

Model PMG ball mill has adopted special intergrate diaphragm and discharge grate to adjust material levels of every chamber so as to increase air ventilation and improve conditions inside mill,meanwhile it has also used new type of lining plate,regulated mill rotation speed,optimized design of pinion&girth gear and lubricating parameters of bearings sso as to increase its operational stability,use life and grinding efficiency.

After being put into practice,it is proved that its output has been increased about 20% and unit product power consumption has been reduced 10%-12% down under the conditions that other parameters have not been changed by comparision to other same sized ball mill,while being operated in open circuit,specific surface of cement could be reached up to 320cm/kg performance of it is up to national advaned standard,it has been awarded as well-known brand product of China building material industry,well know brand product of Jiagnsu Province,state star plan products,appointed manufacture of National building material machinery industry etc.


Coal mill

Coal mill is the main equipment of cement plant and is used for drying and grinding coal pulverized.

It is made up of the feede device,main bearing,rotary part,driving device,discharge device,high pressure starting device and lubricating system

The coal mill features rational structure and high grinding is an ideal equipment for pulverized coal preaparation.


The Scope of ball mill

1,Rotary part 1set
Shell 1pcs
Inlet and outlet hollow shaft 2pcs
Inlet and outlet spiral shell 2pcs
Double diaphragm unit 1set
Liners and bolts 1set
2,Main bearing (Include shaft bush) 2sets
3,Inlet unit 1set
4,Outlet unit(Include connection pipe) 1set
5,Drive unit 1set
Main motor YRKK710-8 1250kW 3300V(Chongqing motor manufacture) 1pcs
Main gear box MFY125A (Include thin oil station)(NGC) 1pcs
Auxiliary drive unit MJM560 1set
Diaphragm coupling MFY120L 1set
Base frame for drive unit 1pcs
6,Thin oil station GYXZ-40A 2sets
7,Foundation bolts 1set
8,Control cabinet (HP control,LP start,thin oil station control) 1pcs


The structure of ball mill

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