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Quicklime 100000 tpy Hydrated Lime Cement

Quicklime 100000 tpy Hydrated Lime Cement

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    100000 Tpy Hydrated Lime Cement


    Quicklime Hydrated Lime Cement


    Quicklime Hydrated Lime Plant

  • Raw Material
    Limestone/quick Lime
  • Voltage
  • Color
    As Per Your Requirements
  • Power
    As Per The Type
  • Control Method
    Automatically Control
  • Warranty Period
    One Year
  • After Sales Service
  • Working Days
    300 Days-330days
  • Working Hours
    24 Hours
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    All the packing is suitable for the ocean transporting and inland transporting,1.The kiln shell is transported in 6 sections. 2.The supports is packed on the cushion.3. the small parts is packed in wooden box and iron frame.4.there will be shipping mark on
  • Delivery Time
    180 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    1 SET PER 180days

Quicklime 100000 tpy Hydrated Lime Cement

Quicklime 100000 Tpy Hydrated Lime Cement


Our equipment includes 8-meter hobbing machines, 8-meter vertical lathes, 5-meter vertical lathes, 6.3m*20m face lathes and 6.5-meter annealing furnaces. After 40 years' development, our company has formed production service from design, manufacture, installation to debugging. We supply 4.3*64m rotary kilns and 3.8*13m ball mills for Pakistan Lucky Cement Factory, two comprehensive sets of cement production lines for Myanmar Dragon Cement Factory, 5*74m rotary kilns and 3.8m wind swept coal mills of four cement production lines for National Industry Cement Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Taini (Yingde) Cement Co., Ltd, two 4.2*13m ball mills for Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel & Iron Factory and 4.0*60m rotary kilns and 4.6*13m ball mills of 2,500tpd cement production line for Vietnam Caesar Cement Factory. Our products sell well not only all through our country, but also in Russia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South America and Middle Africa. Our board chairman and general manager, Mr. Jia'an Wang, warmly welcomes all overseas experts, colleagues and friends to visit our company, and cooperate with us.


The specification of hydrated lime plant


No. Project name Unit Qty
1 Vibrated feeder GZG503 Pcs 1
2 Belt conveyorTD75B650 Pcs 1
3 PCH-0606 ring hammer crusher Pcs 1
4 NO.1D315 bucket elevator(raw material) Pcs 1
5 Dust collector HMC48 Pcs 1
6 Manual gate valve 500×500 Pcs 1
7 Belt weigher TDGSK(F)0628 Pcs 1
8 Pipe pump Pcs 2
9 Pre-slaker Pcs 1
10 Slaker Pcs 1
11 Dust collector(Nonstandard) Pcs 1
12 Fan for dust collecting Pcs 1
13 Motorized double flap valve 400x400 Pcs 1
14 NO.2D250 bucket elevator(Powder separating) Pcs 1
15 High efficiency separatorN-500 Pcs 1
16 Collecting unit of finished product Pcs 1
17 Fan for dust collecting Pcs 1
18 NO.3D250 bucket elevator(finished product) Pcs 1
19 HMC dust collector HMC48 Pcs 1
20 Manual gate valve 300×300 Pcs 1
21 screw conveyor(coarse powder) Pcs 1
22 NO.4D250 bucket elevator(coarse powder) Pcs 1
23 Manual gate valve 300×300 Pcs 1
24 small packer Pcs 4
25 compressor Pcs 2



Description of hydrated lime plant

The equipment composition of hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) production line generally includes: raw material silo, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, feeding silo, screw conveyor, primary digester, secondary digester, pulse dust collector, spiral Conveyor, bucket elevator, powder separator and powder collector. Generally, dry and wet production processes are used. Characteristics of hydrated lime production line using dry process: 1. It can control the digestion reaction time of quicklime (CaO) in the digester. Through advanced PLC centralized control and various adjustment methods, the lime digestion process can be effectively controlled, and the digester can reach 8-15 minutes, so that the quicklime (CaO) can be fully digested. 2. The digester has good heat preservation performance. The unique design allows a large amount of heat generated during the reaction of quicklime (CaO) to pass through the heat conversion system, so that the heat in the reaction can be fully utilized, which helps to increase the temperature of the internal quicklime digestion material, and improve the digestibility and reaction speed. 3. Feeding process control. The equipment adopts a screw propeller, which can convey the material quantitatively to the first-level digester. Advantages: Prevent the large amount of hot steam and dust generated at the moment when the quicklime CaO is in contact with water from entering the spiral feeder scale, which affects the accuracy of the sensing signal. 4. Optimize water distribution and digestion. Through the hierarchical scientific water distribution method, the best water distribution method, the best water distribution ratio and the water distribution time are selected, so that the quicklime can be fully digested. 5. Solve smoke pollution. The dry digester can effectively treat and purify the hot steam and dust generated in the quicklime digestion process, ensuring that the worker's operating environment is free of dust pollution, and the steam outlet concentration can reach a dust content of 20 per cubic meter. Milligrams, in line with national emission standards.


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